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Kosher Food Co-op

Kosher Food Co-op


Atlanta Gourmet Food

is now delivering to Chabad of Wilmington

We can now order Kosher items wholesale by the case and they will be delivered to Chabad of Wilmington once a week.

We would like to form a Co-Op to order Kosher Meats, Chicken, Dairy etc. If interested please contact:

Ed Morris at 910-200-3486 or Toby Morris at 910-538-6166 and/or email information sheet to

Proposed Co-op Rules

1. All orders must be received by 6PM every Thursday.

2. The Co-Op member must be prepared to purchase a full case. Cases may be split with the agreement of involved member(s).

3. Order must be picked up on the delivery day at a specific time (TBD). Chabad can not be responsible for Perishable foods not picked up.

4. Once organized the members may choose to modify the specifics of the above items including the possibility of establishing a membership fee to help with purchases (such as a Freezer to store items) and delivery.

5. The Co-Op will begin after the High Holidays.

6. An order sheet with available products will be sent to all members in the near future.

7. Please fill out the enclosed information sheet and email the form to

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